“I was very satisfied with the seminar facility as well as how the seminar was organized.” – Lindamood-Bell

“Very clean seminar facility! All of your hard work paid off and the staff was helpful, courteous, and knew all of the information.” – Right Fit

“Abundantly satisfied with the speakers and presenters! I thought the content of the speakers was appropriate and informative for this seminar. Although I didn’t get a chance to see the Key Note speaker everyone’s feedback said that it was great!” – SouthSTAR Services

“The staff was incredibly helpful and I though the seminar was well organized.” – Family Benefit Solutions

“I was very pleased with Key Note Speaker James Emmett and his presentation on Transitioning Into Adulthood, as well as all of the other presenters and speakers.” – Karia Lujan, attendee

“As a vendor for the seminar I was very happy with the facility and I think the whole seminar was planned and organized very well.” – Lifestyles Academy

“We found that the topics and the content of the speakers were very appropriate for this seminar. We thought the staff was very accommodating and pleasant to work with.” – The Children Center of Cicero/Berwyn

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